Dear Friend/ Teacher/Comrade/Lover/Artist: Interview with Foglifter Contributor Nancy Au

by Oct 1, 2019Book Reviews, Interviews

Dear Friend/Teacher/Comrade/Lover/Artist is a collection of emails between myself, Carson Ash Beker, and Nancy Au, on the occasion of the release of Nancy Au’s Spider Love Song. It began when tried to review this book I loved, written by someone whose art, friendship, and teaching has formed me—and realized that it was all wrong; the very form of the review, as an encapsulation and judgment of a work, was antithetical to art, friendship, love, what Nancy embodies and teaches about being an artist in the world, queerness (as love, collective liberation, and the dismantling of borders), and the soul of this book, which is wonder. I decided instead to write to Nancy—as a friend, comrade, teacher, beloved, and artist—about some of the themes in this book: belonging, queerness, invisibility, and becoming.



Nancy Au’s stories have appeared or are forthcoming in Smoke Long Quarterly, The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, Necessary Fiction, Fiction Southeast, Word Riot, Identity Theory, Prick of the Spindle, and elsewhere. She is an MFA candidate at San Francisco State University, and teaches creative writing at California State University. You can buy Spider Love Song and Other Storieshere.



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Had a really rough past few days & its times like these I'm grateful for communities that support & nurture poetry in a world that does not always do that. @SporkPress & @dorothykchan believing in this poem really means so much to me right now... (1)

Woot! My short story “Troublemaker”, which Foglifter nominated for a Pushcart Prize the other year, is now available to read on their website! It’s a quick magical read about tongue removal and accountability. Check it out:

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