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As part of celebrating Foglifter’s recent Pushcart nominees, we interviewed the writers! Our forth is Mattie Ganson, published in Volume 4 Issue 2!

What are you currently reading?

Kelly Link’s Get In Trouble (again).

 Are you working on a project, currently? Describe it.

Like five years ago my creative writing professor was like, write a story about shame, and I was like, over my dead body, but now I’m writing it. It’s about the “sawing a woman in half” magic trick and doing bad things because you want to. We’ll see where it goes.

 Do you have a particular writing ritual or habit? What is it?

I can’t write unless I’m actively drinking a beverage.

If someone told you that they want to be a writer, what advice would you give them?

Just write something! It’s not pulling teeth!!!

 What experience thus far has contributed most to your education, as a writer/person?

Working a lot of retail and having amazing writing mentors.

 What do you believe is the role of the poet/writer in this cultural climate?

There are a lot of quippy answers to this question but the truth is that I have no idea what role any of us should be playing in this cultural climate. I want to point to Ilya Kaminsky’s poem “We Lived Happily During the War,” as it does a beautiful job of expressing the kind of guilty, inactive existential panic I feel almost all the time. In “What I Know is in the Ocean,” my main thesis is that it’s important to provide care for things even if they can’t necessarily be saved and that’s about as close to an answer as I can get.

 When you aren’t writing, what are you doing?

Slinging books at Uncharted Books and performatively complaining about the weather.

Mattie Ganson is a zinester, writer, and sales associate living in Chicago. If they’re not wearing at least one item of clothing that could be described as “dumb as fuck” they have to go home and change. They’re on twitter as @mattieleighx.

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Had a really rough past few days & its times like these I'm grateful for communities that support & nurture poetry in a world that does not always do that. @SporkPress & @dorothykchan believing in this poem really means so much to me right now... (1)


Woot! My short story “Troublemaker”, which Foglifter nominated for a Pushcart Prize the other year, is now available to read on their website! It’s a quick magical read about tongue removal and accountability. Check it out: https://bit.ly/DTNTrouble https://twitter.com/foglifterpress/status/1293978247873536001

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