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Whether surrounded by your chosen family or family of origin, you deserve to have your nose in a book this holiday season, so here are a few wonderful ones by Foglifter contributors to light up the darkest nights of the year:

The first, Oliver Baez Bendorf’s Advantages of Being Evergreen, is described as gorgeous and curative by our EIC, and you can read more at The Adroit Journal.

Contributor Lidia Yuknavitch raves about Rae Gouirand’s The History of Art, saying: “Holy mother of fuck. If Adrienne Rich wrote prose, it would come out something like this.”

Contributor Ching-In Chen describes Zefyr Lisowski’s Blood Box as “mysterious and evocative, terrifying and tender.”

Although she’s not a contributor (yet!), another incredible release this year was Shira Erlichman’s Odes to Lithium. And we were lucky enough to interview Shira for the blog—“I have a practice of looking up at the sky and trying to imagine, to really feel in my bones, how far up the sky really goes. It’s overwhelming. Because it never stops. Can you feel that possibility, that impossibility, the truth of vastness? How much on this earth can’t be accounted for. How deep the mystery is. And then, to take it personally, to think: I am that. I am just like that sky.”

Dorothy Chan’s second collection, Revenge of the Asian Woman, is described by “dizzyingly lush and empowered excess” by Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon, and we’re so excited that Dorothy will be completing the trilogy with Chinese Girl Strikes Back from Spork Press in 2020!

And, speaking of 2020, Kay Ulanday Barrett is another writer who continues to amaze. You can read their first book When the Chant Comes now, and also preorder the next, More Than Organs, from our friends at Sibling Rivalry Press.

Arhm Choi Wild’s debut collection, Cut to Bloom, is available for preorder now.

And we couldn’t be more excited about Justin Phillip Reed’s next book, The Malevolent Volume, which is also available for preorder. 


Finally, we have to recommend our own beloved publications, starting with this year’s Queer Ancestors Project anthology, The Flower of Ancestry—a compendium of QTPOC youth writing and printmaking—and Still Here Productions’ anthology of QTPOC writers born in the San Francisco Bay Area, both of which are available at our shop.


And, of course, we published two amazing issues of our literary journal this year, featuring the best in LGBTQ+ writing, with the likes of torrin greathouse, Bettina Judd, Joseph O. Legaspi, Roberto F. Santiago, sam sax, Rosebud Ben-Oni, Megan Ellis, Luther Hughes, Emilia Phillips, and TC Tolbert—which, along with a subscription, are available for purchase at our shop! 


So, happiest of holidays from the Foglifter fam—and happy reading!

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There's new treasure on the Foglifter blog! Check out the latest interview with @chenchenwrites by @anothermishap 🌟🌈☎️⁠To celebrate Chen Chen’s latest collection of poetry, "Your Emergency Contact Has Experienced an Emergency", Community Manager Misha Ponnuraju chats with the poet to talk about the changing seasons, the lineages of his poetry, and what plants can teach us about writing.⁠Chen Chen’s newest book is a sparkling new world that buzzes with conversation and teems with tender moments. As the title suggests, this book calls upon distant friends and loved ones and offers us a framework for joy and grief during an emergency. This book is a celebration and investigation of queer Asian American identity, looking thoughtfully into the past while trying to make sense of uncertain futures. Reading Chen’s newest book is like entering a warm room full of laughter after months of silence. This collection welcomes the ache of your loneliness while reminding you that there’s a party going on in the next room, whenever you’re ready to walk through the doors. ⁠Read now: Description:⁠Slide 1: This graphic advertises an interview with Chen Chen by Misha Ponnuraju. In the middle is the book cover of "Your Emergency Contact Has Experienced an Emergency." ⁠Slide 2: An excerpt of the interview, which reads, " I used to think that you just have to be solitary. You have to be really quiet all the time and you have to retreat from the world and reflect and that becomes the writing. And I think that's still a piece of it but increasingly, I am seeing just how much I am influenced by conversation and having these shared experiences together: by talking with people and sharing snacks, sharing a meal, sharing some bubble tea, going to the beach, going on a little road trip, looking at things together, walking through an art gallery, walking around a park, just observing things together, or sharing an inside joke, noticing a funny billboard on a drive somewhere. All of that can come into poems." ... See MoreSee Less
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