Pushcart Darlings : Foglifter Press Interview with Isiah Fish

by Dec 8, 2020Interviews

As part of celebrating Foglifter’s recent Pushcart nominees, we interviewed the writers! Second up is Isiah Fish, published in Volume 5 Issue 2!

What piece of art—literary or otherwise—has uplifted you during this tumultuous year?  


“Rain On Me” by Lady Gaga featuring Ariana Grande. The song & music video (I learned the choreography & did it in a gazebo in full view of a fattie pigeon that glared at me the whole time from her lil nest).


What writing habits/rituals are close to your heart?  


I’m still trying to develop those. It’s all chaos.


Who (or what) guides your writing? 


It’s all chaos, for real though!


What do you believe is the role of the poet/writer in this cultural climate? 


Write from an authentic place. Culture will do with the work what it must.


Beyond writing, how have you been finding joy or rest this year? Do you have a favorite quarantine activity? 


I wrote an anonymous letter confessing my love for my neighbor’s holiday lights & stuffed it in their mailbox at two am. I also like to dance to pop music, play Fortnite, & opulently turn the pages of Vman Magazine. 


What advice do you have for emerging writers? 


Find a writing soulmate or a few & start a book club with them.


Isiah Fish is a queer poet & performer from Louisville, Kentucky. He holds an MFA from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, where he worked as an assistant editor for Crab Orchard Review. He has a poem forthcoming in Blood Orange Review. His Instagram handle is @isiah_the_fish.

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