“With a fierce power running through every artfully-curated issue, Foglifter is fire-breathing proof of the necessity of space for diverse voices.”

—Bryan Borland

“What an expansive and alive place Foglifter is—a curation and a constant experimentation in queering, in intervening, in engaging.”

—Chen Chen

“Foglifter is a literary beam in these dark times.”

—Ana Castillo

“I kept hearing about Foglifter, but my mind confused it with the British slang term for a predatory homosexual: “shirtlifter,” itself rather an ambiguous insult.  From that energy I wound up writing my piece for Foglifter‘s debut. Know something?  When I think of your beautiful magazine, it’s still Shirtlifter in my head.”

—Kevin Killian

“Foglifter is a joyful and important part of the Bay Area literary scene and I’m proud to have been published there.”

—Kim Shuck

Foglifter is an essential, heroic publishing imprint. This is exactly the type of organizing around art that is so crucial to our survival, forming our own spaces to articulate our differences, strategies, and obsessions. In these supposed end times we seem to inevitably ask ourselves, what can we do? We can support small presses and the artists that help them to continue to print. Seriously. Please go out and get ahold of the new Foglifter anthology by any means necessary.”

—Cedar Sigo

“Foglifter is gorgeous—an indulgence you don’t have to earn, one for which you are inherently deserving. Enjoy all that Foglifter has to offer, eat it with a spoon, eat it with your hands, lick the sauce.”

—Alicia Mountain

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Edited by Natalia M. Vigil and Mason J.

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Our Press

In addition to our biannual literary journal, Foglifter Press publishes books and chapbooks by emerging and established LGBTQ+ writers. In recent years, we have collaborated with other queer-minded organizations and collectives to showcase the amazing writers and artists of the queer and trans communities and enrich the writing world with more LGBTQ+ stories and experiences.

Still Here San Francisco : Anthology

In Still Here San Francisco: an Anthology of Queer and Trans People Raised in San Francisco, survivors of displacement and other results of gentrification and oppression find their voice and tell stories of survival. Still Here San Francisco is an annual performance and cultural documentation project that reveals the experiences of Queer/LGBTQI2S+ individuals raised in San Francisco and still living in San Francisco/Bay Area. Each year, the annual show is one of the most popular parts of the National Queer Arts Festival in June. 

Flower of Ancestry : Queer Ancestors Project Anthology

Flower of Ancestry, named for its cover art by Shannon Prasad, features work by 20 creative writing and printmaking students: al aguas, Brea Weinreb, Destiny Evans, Fernando Miguel, Gato Gucumatz, Isabel Treviño, Keira, Kimiko Goeller, Lia Dun, madhvi trivedi-pathak, Marina Claveria, Mateo Sánchez Morales, Maya Salcido, Nidhi Parixit Velani, Queen Sen Sen, Ruby Harrison-Clay, Satän, Shannon Prasad, Shō Nakashima, and Takara Campbell, with creative writing director Celeste Chan and Queer Ancestors Project artistic director Katie Gilmartin.

Tender : Queer Ancestors Project Anthology

In these pages, students of the Queer Ancestors Project respond to their ancestors through original writing and art. Sylvia Rivera compels us to stay and fight, speaking to poets “becoming trans femme.” Friends fallen to suicide, “mute ash,” and Guan Yin offer queer elegies, poems to transform trauma. Serpent women, genderqueer mermaids, and glitter crusted love found in the sea, sky, and clubs queerly remind us of our community’s defiance, beauty, survival, and creativity. Declarations of self-love combat silence, and the real life struggles of poverty, isolation, migration, homo/transphobia. Arranged in conversation, Tender forms a stirring collective. We must never forget, as student Jose Francisco says in “Rise”: “we hold the power to shape the future, and, together, to shake these walls down.” 

Girasol, by Vianney Casas

Vianney Casas’s debut poetry chapbook Girasol ushers readers into a sensuous, menacing landscape where physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries dissolve and reform in unexpected, profound ways. With minimal punctuation, shifts in tense, and deft weaving of English and Spanish, Girasol has a dream-like quality, suspending the reader inside a trauma that’s simultaneously in the past and ever-present.

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This jam-packed @LambdaLiterary finalist issue is now free to download—with @wolf_hour @IndiraAllegra @queerpoetics @temim @Wryly_T @HiGroundCoward @clubdenni and so many more absolute faves! 🌈💥 https://twitter.com/foglifterpress/status/1319343504242343937

such a nice treat to see that this gorgeous issue of @foglifterpress in which I'm lucky enough to have work alongside some brilliant writers is now free to download! check it out. <3 https://twitter.com/luizagurley/status/1319368206620897281

Foglifter Journal Volume 5 Issue 2 is here. Order your copy!

We’re so excited to reveal our gorgeous issue! This beautiful collection has the most incredible lineup of queer and trans writers and a beautiful cover by David Antonio Cruz (@cruz_art). We like to thank everyone for making another issue from us possible!

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