Foglifter Journal Volume 3 Issue 1 (SOLD OUT)


A Lambda Finalist! Our Volume 3 Issue 1 is now available for download! Featuring Andrea Abi-Karam, Indira Allegra, Nefertiti Asanti, Jonathan Ayala, Joe Baumann, Oliver Baez Bendorf, Zulfikar Bhutto, Cooper Lee Bombardier, Jarad Bruinstroop, Vianney Casas, Adam Zane Cook, Temim Fruchter, Lauren R. Korn, Brigitte Lewis, Paul Lisicky, Tanea Lynx, Randall Mann, Greg Marshall, Wryly McCutchen, Alicia Mountain, Kristian O’Hare, Jon Ransom, Dennison Ty Schultz, Kim Shuck, Sophia Starmack, Samantha Tetangco, Jason Villemez and Jackie Aleksandrovich Yanikov. Cover artwork by Marc Ohrem-Leclef.

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Foglifter—created by and for LGBTQ+ writers and readers—aims to continue the San Francisco Bay Area’s tradition of groundbreaking queer and trans writing, with an emphasis on publishing those multi-marginalized (BIPOC, youth, elders, and people with disabilities). Our biannual journal features the widest possible range of forms, with an emphasis on transgressive, risky, challenging subject matter, innovative formal choices, and work that pushes the boundaries of what writing can do. By putting extraordinary queer and trans writers into conversation, we uplift a growing community of LGBTQ+ readers and writers and carve out space in the larger literary community for voices that have historically been silenced.

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