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Foglifter is a biannual compendium of the most dynamic, urgent queer writing today. It’s a space where queer writers celebrate, mourn, rage, and embrace.

Foglifter welcomes daring and thoughtful queer work, in all forms, and we are especially interested in cross-genre, intersectional, marginal, and transgressive work. We want the pieces that challenged you as a writer, what you poured yourself into and risked the most to make. But we also want your tenderest, gentlest work, what you hold closest to your heart. Whatever you’re working on now that’s keeping you alive and writing, Foglifter wants to read it.

What does that look like? Check out writing we love here, here, and here!


We accept the following unpublished unsolicited submissions:

  • up to 5 poems
  • up to 7500 words of prose
  • up to 20 pages of cross-genre work, text-image hybrids, and drama


All submissions must be in one DOC or DOCX file. Title your submission with the title of the work(s) you are submitting (separated by commas).

Please include a 50-word or less bio in your cover letter. (If accepted, we will request an author photo; JPG or PNG files are best.)

We accept simultaneous submissions; however, please withdraw your piece immediately if it is accepted elsewhere (or, if you only need to withdraw part of a submission, leave a note in Submittable). Please only submit once per reading period; any additional submissions will be automatically rejected.

Response times is roughly 8–12 weeks from submission date.


The submission periods are:

  • March 1 to May 1 (Fall Edition)
  • September 1 to November 1 (Spring Edition)


We are always open for cover art!

Submit to Foglifter

Foglifter opens for submission on March 1st! So start polishing!

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